The Fourth International Symposium on Ubiquitous Networking

Hammamet, Tunisia, May 02-05, 2018

About Hammamet

Hammamet (plural of baths) is a popular Mediterranean seaside resort, situated on the South-East Coast of Tunisia, along a wonderful gulf. It is situated at 70 Km from Tunis, the capital city. It offers a great variety of landscapes thanks to the different composition of the soil. Indeed, the town is mixed into a huge garden composed of oranges, lemons, and other citrus trees.

Hammamet is one of Tunisia’s main tourist hotspots with a convenient location some gorgeous sandy beaches. The silky sands of this former village were discovered by adventurous travellers after the second World War and the first tourist hotels of Hammemet were built in 1960. 

Once you get to Hammamet, the following attractions sites should be visited.

Sandy Beaches 

Hammamet is known by its amazing white and sandy beaches that meet with crystal clear blue water. Festival and small parties are sometimes held on the beaches which makes the summer nights of Hammamet more nice.


Another main attraction is the Medina complex in Yasmine Hammamet. The Medina is an artificial town combining both traditional and modern versions of an Arabic town along with Disney meets like Carthage land and Aqua land.


Kasbah is one of Tunisia’s predominant historical landmarks. It impressively dates back to the 13th century. It is an attractive historical site thanks to its authentic nature and its amazing sea view .

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